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Our Story


ABACUS Account Management Services was established in 1997 and has grown into a formidable team of highly trained professionals. We have a national footprint with offices in the Western Cape, the Garden Route and Gauteng.


Our Objective


Our main objective is to reduce the administrative billing and debt collection burden of the practitioner by getting all claims processes and paid as quickly as possible.The practitioner will be kept in the loop at all times.


ABACUS have expertise and experience to take your practice to new heights!
Improved cash flow

Quick turn around time between treatment of patients and payment of claims.

Saving on labour and infrastructure costs

No need for extra office space, equipment, salaries and staff benefits.

No capital investment or fixed contract

We can start today with NO upfront costs!

Our fee structure is based on income, not turnover.

If we are not successful in collecting your money, we don’t get paid.

Stay informed on the status of your billing

Open communication and feedback on a regular basis via various channels keep all parties informed at all times.

Cloud-Based Software

Each provider’s patient database is securely stored on a cloud-based server, with multi-layered redundancy protocols to keep your data safe at all times.